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What We Provide

Moving Truck

Authorized Distributor

Through our logistics Chain, we are a certified distributor of Medical, Cleaning, Construction, and Janitorial supplies. We have experience providing to City's, Businesses, and Hospitals and do not discriminate against the size of the order. Call to get a quote today!









Department of Transportation

Who We Serve

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Austin’s Logistics can provide an array of hauling solutions to a wide variety of customer needs. Common commodities hauled include sand, dirt, gravel, asphalt, coal, construction debris, grains, gypsum, limestone, mulch, municipal waste, salt, scrap metals and more.
Our dump trucks can service projects that range in size from a local driveway too many trucks per day on heavy construction and industrial hauls.


Austin Logistics LLC is a world-class Government Contracting Consulting Firm. We engage with small businesses to facilitate the process of procuring government contracts. We strive for excellence in providing services that assist companies with doing business with various government agencies across the country. Austin Logistics serves businesses and individuals interested in increasing their revenue through the procurement of Government Contracts. Our clients expand across multiple regions of the world and hold divergent points of view. We help them explore new opportunities, and we satisfy our clients by facilitating brilliant engagement and providing the right resources.


Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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